Nostalgia: 2009

Time actually goes pretty fast. With my incoming 19th spin around this world, its hard not to get the smallest bit nostalgic. Enter, 2009 wave, year 12 for Shaylee.

At my school we had these massive shared lunches, where everyone brought food, that was always more then enough to feed this many people.

And of course, they were themed, so dressing up was a given. Friday the 13th style.

Harry Potter day anyone? Those who didn’t dress up, were deemed muggles, the science staff came as death eaters, and the chamber of secrets was officially open.

Our year 12 production, ‘The Secret Garden’, our indian celebration dance was pretty wick.

The year 12 corridor always felt like home, with these ladies around.

Seeing AFP live, being on her guest list, and seeing the show for free!

Roadtrips with the people i love…

Even if it was just to BrokenHill.

Ahhh memories.


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