The Piecast: LIVE 2.0



Above the beautiful Brendan Maclean and myself. I kissed him on the beard, because he wanted a smear of my blue lipstick on him. Some people would say that I blue him, thats right folks you heard it here first. I blue Brendan.

As stated previously on my blog, I was invited to be apart of this live podcast and I was stoked. I got to snuggle with Brendan while eating pies, told a whole bunch of people about Operation Ponytail, which involved a photo campaign and making a fake grindr account in order to find Mark a man.

You can listen to the podcast on The Piecast’s website.

From Mark’s website

I don’t think there are any words that I can use to tell you how much fun this episode was to make. There were surprises I wasn’t expecting, guests that left me absolutely dumbstruck (starstruck?), and some sharp hilarity from all of my guests. I have to say that they did most of the work for me, being far more entertaining in front of a crowd than they have any right to be. I’m proud of them. And I suppose I’m proud of this episode. Is it wrong to be proud of an episode that is largely down to the guests? I say no.
I also threw out five pies in preparation for this episode – strawboffee, peachoffee (both pies made in the tradition of the episode 45 banoffee pie), mint chocolate mud pie (swamp pie?), blueberry pie and pumpkin pie. It was a lot of work making them, and I am definitely proud of myself for having them all available to my guests, both money paying and comedy spraying.
A little about each of the guests is necessary, I suppose:
Shaylee Leach is a local twitter personality, regular radio host, and aspiring comedian who I very much admire for many things. She’s been on the podcast before, and will continue to be a regular because she’s good in audio form.
Brendan Maclean is a musician, actor, dancer, comedian and Q&A twitterati. I like his music quite a lot and would recommend you go listen to his stuff, and buy his album when it drops. Seriously, Winner is a fucking great single. Not even joking. Go download it now. Google his bandcamp. Seriously. I may be a little smitten.
Geraldine Hickey is an all round lovely person and absolutely hilarious dead pan comedian. If my older brother was a female lesbian comedian he would be Geraldine Hickey – and for that I love her. She also made my very first Feast festival (last year) an incredibly enjoyable experience.

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