Media Coverage & mentions

This is a collection of newspaper articles, media coverage, press, mentions/features on online publications, newsletters, wesbites etc, of projects that I have been involved in, mentions that I have received in relation to art, performances, social activism, projects and other general happenings that I have been amongst. Much big kudos and love and thanks to those that have been so supportive of me.

‘Beauty with a touch of ugly’
The Advertiser, July 18th 2011, read online here 

IT’S a pretty ugly exhibition … and they’re proud of it….

Daria Healy-Kolijanin and Shaylee Leach moved from Mildura and the Riverland respectively to study visual arts at UniSA and found they had a common creative bond.

Pretty/Ugly is currently showing at The Reading Room on Hindley St. “It was crazy … great,” Daria says of their opening night.

The Thousands, Adelaide City Guide, 2011, read here

Daria Healy-Koljanin and Shaylee Leach are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Together, they challenge preconceived notions of beauty and femininity and deal with hot topics like the sexualisation of youngsters. Through the exploration of dichotomies like ugly/pretty, damsel/predator and pristine/dirty, the pair take a fantasy ride to the dark side of innocence. They ask you to straddle the fence no longer and make up your mind about controversial things people don’t really like talking about. No, not the carbon tax, I mean like naked teenagers and stuff.

– Fringe Benefits, 2011, read here 

Created by 19 year old artists, Shaylee Leach and Daria Healy-Kolianin, PRETTY / UGLY is a clever crossover between the beautiful and the grotesque.

The Reading Room blog 2011, read online here

Two young emerging artists present ‘PRETTY/UGLY’ a collection of their individual work that explores the beautiful and the grotesque that sometimes plays with a strange crossover between the two.

Jump National Mentoring Program for Young & Emerging Artists

Mention on Deborah Paauwe’s website 2011, read online here

Deborah Paauwe has been invited to mentor Shaylee Leach emerging visual artist, photographer and designer living in the Riverland in regional South Australia in 2011. JUMP is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

“Our quiet big event acheivers nominated for national volunteer week”
– The Advertiser, May 9th 2011, read online here

Today marks the start of National Volunteer Week, which celebrates the country’s contingent of more than five million volunteers who give up their time for communities.

Businesses and not-for-profit organisations will spend the week promoting the value of volunteers in putting together marquee events such as the Tour Down Under and SALA festival.

The Digital Salon
– a mention on their blog for their ‘Focus on Barossa’ event, read online here 

Shaylee Leach (Riverland/Adelaide) talking about creating digital media work and showing examples of her work

‘Youth Website Online (Officially)’
 The Murray Pioneer, Tuesday, Mar 8 2011, read the story online: here (*Note, you need to subscribe, but its free and they don’t send you any annoying emails)

“A website specifically designed for Riverland youth was launched at the Berri riverfront on Wednesday.

The site, Riverland Youth Connect, was founded and designed by Riverland youths Alysha Herrmann, Shaylee Leach and Jessica Weidenhofer with the aim to share information and details of events among local young people.”

‘Riverland Youth Website to Launch next week’
 The Murray Pioneer, Monday, Feb 28 2011, read the story online:here (*Note, you need to subscribe, but its free and they don’t send you any annoying emails).

“The site, Riverland Youth Connect, was founded and designed by Riverland youths Alysha Herrmann, Shaylee Leach and Jessica Weidenhofer. The website aims to engage with young people and promote positive images of young people in the community.

Ms Herrmann said the girls have been working on the website for the past two months and are “excited” to be launching it.

“Our vision is a website for young people in the Riverland, created by young people in the Riverland, to connect, inspire and celebrate the absolutely amazing young people of the Riverland,” she said.

“We believe that young people have a lot to offer our community and can be powerful change makers and advocates.”

‘First Uni offers arrive’
The Murray Pioneer, Tuesday, Jan 18 2011, read online: here (*Note, you need to subscribe, but its free and they don’t send you any annoying emails)

“Meanwhile, 2009 year 12 student Shaylee Leach needs to make a decision between studying either a Bachelor of Visual Arts Specialisation at the University of South Australia or Commercial Photography at Tafe.

“There are a few things to consider – like if you do uni you can have HECS instead of paying up front,” she said. “But really I’ve got no idea. It’s really hard, because you are trying to make decisions based on no  experience whatsoever. “

The Berri 19-year-old has just finished a gap year in the region and said she is happy she took the year off. “After having my gap year and being in the Riverland, as much as I love it, I am very keen to get out there and see what else is on offer,” Shaylee said.

“It’s okay to not go straight to uni, because the path is not straight.

“I think (success) is heading boldly into the direction of your dreams, going by the path that’s right for you and following your heart until the end.”

‘PressureLands a work in progress’
The Murray Pioneer, 7th Jan 2011, in relation to my involvement and performance in a work-in-progress-showing in Alysha Herrmann’s project ‘PressureLands’.

“Berri youth Shaylee Leach also performed, ‘I think Alysha has really captured the voice of the youth and this isn’t the voice that’s normally projected through media or whatever. it’s the voice that you’re sort of scared to speak in,” Shaylee said. “It’s definitely youth empowerment through theatre”

Shaylee takes stand for freedom choices’
The Murray Pioneer, Nov 25 2010, read online here 

Shaylee Leach is adamant love, not sexual orientation, should determine who gets married… Miss Leach said it was discriminatory to not let gay people marry who they love. “It isn’t gay marriage it’s equal marriage,” she said. “It seems a bit backward that people have to still fight this stuff. “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex, but don’t stop people who want to.”

‘Local Youth project success’
 The Murray Pioneer, Tuesday October 2010
In regards to the  Riverland Youth Connect project.

Three Riverland youths will develop a youth website aimed at connecting and celebrating young locals. Alysha Herrmann, 25 of Monash, Shaylee Leach, 19, of Berri, and Jessica Weidenhofer 15, of Winkie, were the only group in South Australia to lodge a successful application to the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition’s new Online Community Youth Spaces project. The project aims to use technology to connect young people of groups of young people, from around Australia to develop a website promoting youth involvement and positive images of young people in their community”

Youth Web Support
 from an interview with WIN NEWS, Weds 20th Oct 2010
In regards to the  Riverland Youth Connect project.
Read online here 

‘What we’re really focussed on is having a ‘Whats On’ page, because there tends to be a lot going on in the Riverland, but nobody knows about it until 2 weeks later’

SALA 2010 ArtSpace for youth, Riverland Weekly, July 19th 2010
Read online here


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